Senin, 19 Agustus 2013

La vie est belle.

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Life is an adventure. Dare it

Life is a love. Enjoy it.

Life is a tragedy. Face it.

Life is a struggle. Fight it.

Life is a promise. Fulfill it.

Even though it seems hard, we have been still feeling easy at the certain times.
Think it. We always say that life is unfair when we are in the bad condition.
Therefore, when we get an accident.
But have you ever thought about the other condition when you are feeling happy or cheerful?
Think twice again.
 Life is beautiful.
It seems really unfair, but fact is it's really fucking fair.

Minggu, 18 Agustus 2013

Proverty. Think twice.

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Look at their eyes.
They wanna say something through their eyes but they dont even know how.
They wanna cry, but they are afraid of losing their energy.

Look at their mouths.
They wanna say something to everyone but they are afraid no one listens to them.
They always fake their smile for hiding what they feel inside. They hurt inside and force themselves to smile.

Look at their hands.
What a multitalented hands they have. They work as much as they can through their hands.
Even though sometimes it hurts, their hands will never stop to move and move.
Even though sometimes they show their palms to anyone. Expecting someone could change their life.

This kind of thing comes suddenly through my mind. Living under proverty is the most extraordinary thing we have been knowing since before. More than 200.000 people die just because they live under proverty in a month.
Kindly, I feel confused with what's going on with this universe lately. It seems like permanently there will always be those kind of new metropolitan buildings like it will never end. It seems like permanenty there will always be those kind of new malls like it will never stop. And how about those kind who live under proverty?
Yes, we've been trying to help them but why do we always stop in the half of our way?
Yes, we've been trying to help them but why do it seem really temporary?

Once again, look at their...umm...everything about them.
They have two eyes, same with us.
They have one nose, same with us.
They have 2 ears, same with us.
They have 1 mouth, same with us.
They have brains, and so do we.

So, if we have high educations, why can't they be the same?
If we have good houses for live, why do they still live under the bridge?
If we always have good nutritions in every foods we eat, why do they usually die just because oedema?

Think twice. For all this time, under our awareness, we all have been living under someone's sickness. Under someone's sadness. 

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